About JAS

About JAS

JAS Expedited Trucking LLC. specializes in expedited shipping, while proudly guaranteeing on time delivery. We are a small family owned expedited trucking company, located in Imlay City, MI, serving Flint, MI. We first went into business in 2003 as a DBA and in 2006 JAS became an LLC.

The Owner, Tony Freeland, has 26 years of experience in the expediting field. He began in expediting as an independent contractor, then as a single truck owner/operator and now as a fleet owner.

After 13 years of driving for other small fleet owners, Tony decided to purchase his first truck and lease to Panther Premium Logistics Inc. With experience, as both a driver and as an owner/operator, Tony knew he could provide a better environment for other drivers, so he started JAS Expedited Trucking. The second truck was purchased one year later. The company has since continued to grow rapidly.

JAS currently owns 24 Straight Trucks and 2 Tractor Trailers. We plan to grow our fleet by ending 2018 with 35 trucks.

Most of our equipment remains leased to Panther Premium Logistics and as of January 2018 we celebrated 15 years with Panther.

In July of 2017 JAS branched out and moved 5 trucks to V3 Transportation. We did this to better accomendate different drivers needs. We have added 2 more trucks to V3 Transportation since and it has been a good move for all involved.

As we continue to grow, we are always looking for drivers who want to join our team and grow with our family.
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First off what is Expedite?

Webster's dictionary defines it as:

1.) To speed up the progress of; hasten:
to expedite shipments.
2.) To accomplish promptly, as a piece of business; dispatch:
to expedite one's duties.

Expedited trucking is the branch of freight hauling that deals with rush orders. It is the 911 of the trucking industry. Originally founded by the Automotive Industry on the theory of just in time delivery. Your load is time-sensitive, because whatever you are hauling must be on site, on time, to prevent a manufacturer from shutting down a factory, an oil field from stopping its pumps, or a curtain from closing on the big Broadway show.