Fleet Manager / Mechanic:

Fleet Manager / Mechanic:

Brad Adams

Office: (810) 660-8210
Cell: (810) 834-1357
Email: brad.adams@jasexpedited.com

As a JAS employee my main goal is to preserve drivers and the trucks they are accompanied with. I do that by handing drivers call on the road during breakdowns, handing the calls to the shops to find the best and quickest response to a mechanical issue, updating drivers and considering other possible resolutions, making sure the driver has as little stress factor as possible in these scenarios. I am available 24 hours a days to assist with this.
Big or small We maintain the trucks up to the highest standard possible making sure all drivers concerns are met with and dealt with here at JAS before that truck leaves our facility. Drivers will keep me updated weekly on truck related issues and from there it’s made into a work order, parts are ordered (if needed), and are here for the drivers before they arrive to make the smoothest transition.
I or another certified mechanic then install the parts going over an entire inspection report to see if possible other issues could arise and do everything possible to prevent that
My other jobs include building maintenance, inventory counts, stock ordering and price matching, and billing of outside work.
I work with tammy on invoices and record keeping to be sure we have a detail recorded of things done through-out our ownership of the vehicle. Knowing when DOTs are due, Scheduling’s PMs, and keeping in touch with drivers to know when they’d like to go on home time or just if they’re in the area in general.
I work with Brian to handle any part of Panther or V3 concerns I have been trained for, working with relations or others.
I also train the drivers on proper pre-trip procedure, I work as part of a team-member at JAS