Fleet Operations Manager:

Fleet Operations Manager:

Brian Gill

Office: (810) 660-8210
Cell: (810) 834-2111
Email: brian@jasexpedited.com

My experience is 20 years as purchasing manager for a corporation in Chicago and 14 years driving for Panther Premium Logistics. For 10 years, Janie and I were fleet owners and have been managing drivers here at JAS for the last 3 years. 
My mission statement:
To ensure that the contractors have someone to call when they need help. From procedures and policies of the carrier, to the experienced helpful hints we offer.
As the Fleet Operations Manager, I am involved in a wide range of responsibilities for the company. I am available 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. Taking calls from drivers about load offers and offering advice as to the pros and cons and how to make what appears to a bad load profitable, so drivers can feel comfortable about the decisions they are making. I take calls that involve breakdowns, incidents and accidents so the driver or drivers are getting the right information on how to handle the situation. We encourage drivers that when they have questions involving carrier policies and procedures to call, when they are unsure.
I schedule home time requests and forward the information to the shop, where Brad, our fleet manager, can schedule any needed maintenance for the trucks. I oversee the progress on the trucks in the shop to ensure when the drivers return from home time, they are ready to go.
I work with Janie during orientation of new drivers. I spend time with new drivers experienced or not, to better understand the personalities of each driver. The more we educate new drivers getting ready to start their new career, the more comfortable they are.    
Tammy and I work very close together solving driver issues on a day to day basis. We are responsible for the activity reporting of the trucks and drivers. 
All of us here work together as a team. Each person at JAS is capable to assist in various other responsibilities.
Some of my other responsibilities include but are not limited to tracking and documenting the progress of each truck. I also track drivers time on the road, driver advances, as well as stay in constant contact with the carriers to ensure our trucks are in a location where they can get their next load.  
Assist in making JAS a company for drivers.