Frequently Asked Questions

What is expediting?

Expediting is a special niche in the transportation industry dedicated to time sensitive freight.

Do I have to own my own truck?

No you don't. JAS Expedited Trucking, LLC owns all their own trucks and drivers lease them.

Isn't there a lot of down time in the expediting industry?

While downtime can occur, the amount of downtime associated with expedited trucking isn't much different than the amount of downtime associated with other types of trucking.

How much money can I make?

This question is best answered by you. You are paid by percentage of your loads, so the more loads you do the more money you make.

How many miles am I going to run?

This is different than most types of trucking, in that we don't worry so much about miles as we do dollars. In expediting we make more per mile so we don't need to run the amount of miles that other types of trucking companies, basically in expediting more money less miles.

How often am I going to get home?

JAS would like to see the drivers out for at least 2 weeks with 2 days home. We also offer 3 weeks out, 3 days' home, and 4 weeks out with 7 days' home.

Are there dedicated or regional runs available?

Due to the nature of our business in the just in time arena of transportation there are not any runs like this available as we are currently adapting to the needs of our ever-increasing customer base.


No, JAS does not do any local expediting, we only run over the road.

Will I have a dedicated dispatcher with whom I will be working with every day?

No, when talking to dispatch at Panther or V3 you will talk to several dispatchers throughout the week. On a positive note any time you call into JAS you will be able to talk to your assigned Driver Manager.

Do I have to run team with JAS?

There are a few trucks that JAS runs as solos, but the trucks are limited and it is also based on your experience in the expediting field.