Recruiter / Driver Relations:

Recruiter / Driver Relations:

Janie Gill

Office: (810) 660-8210
Cell: (810) 834-2673
Email: janie@jasexpedited.com

My name is Janie Gill, I am responsible for recruiting driver’s and driver relations. I was customer service manager, and secretary to the vice-president of sales for 22 years in Chicago. After that, Brian and I tried our hand at a small business in Mississippi, it was Gill’s Grill and Game-room, we lasted 3 years before we finally closed the doors.  That was when we decided to try something new. We found an owner that had a straight truck with Panther Premium Logistics.  We drove for them for a year and half before we bought our first truck. For the 14 years we were at Panther, we purchased a mixture of 10 cargo vans and straight trucks that we owned and managed while we were driving over the road. Brian and I joined the JAS team in October of 2014. Brian is the Driver Manager here at JAS Expedited Trucking.  Both of us bring our experience and share our knowledge with the new drivers that come on with us.  JAS is a family orientated company, with a great staff and exceptional drivers that is the heart of the company. 
During the interview process, we discuss your qualifications and expectations. We go over the carrier’s policies and JAS policies.  This gives us the opportunity to discuss and answer any questions you or I may have. 
I will stay in communication with you while your application, physical and drug test is being processed.
There is a two day, in house, orientation where we discuss procedures, paperwork, maintenance, payroll and more. During these two days you will meet our staff, and see how we function has a 24/365 company. We have an exceptional support staff for our drivers. 
Myself, and our staff are always available for any questions and suggestions you may have once you are out on the road. Do not hesitate to call me with any concerns or issues you are experiencing.