Shop Clerk

Shop Clerk

Kelly Ann Freeland

Office: (810) 660-8210


Receptionist: I answer the phones and direct the calls to the proper person and when needed I will try to answer the questions for our drivers in a polite and professional manner because I am the first line of contact for our drivers.

Data entry: My data entry duties include, but are not limited to, entry the daily fuel log into the Axon program from the previous days fuel purchases. I watch for imperfections or irregularities in fuel purchases. I enter the purchase orders for parts ordered and when the parts come in I receive them into inventory. I enter the work orders for the shop as well as maintaining the records on the trucks which include scheduled PM’s, DOT inspections, and recording the weekly maintenance information into the system. I enter the load information from the trip sheets, BOL and POD into the system.

Order parts: When parts are needed I will assist Brad and Aaron in researching and finding the right parts at the right price. I order the stock parts for our inventory when quantities are below stock levels. I also receive the parts that have been ordered and let Brad know when they are here.

Maintenance Reports: I receive the maintenance reports from the drivers and forward to the maintenance department to ensure that when that truck comes in we have all the information needed to maintain that truck.

Load information: From the company email file I print the trip sheets sent into from our drivers, I print them and get them to Tammy.

Truck Boxes: I restock the truck boxes for the drivers when they come in, to ensure they have the proper tools for them to do their jobs.

I assist others in any way I can because we work as a team. I feel I am a conscientious worker as well as a team player. I enjoy the people I work with as well as my job. My goals here are to better understand the needs of our drivers and efficiently streamline the maintenance administration position. I enjoy what I am doing because it brings new challenges and I get to meet and talk with the JAS drivers.