Accounting / Payroll:

Accounting / Payroll:

Tammy Barton

10 Years Accounting/Payroll Experience
Office: (810) 660-8210
Email: tammy@jasexpedited.com

I have worked at JAS Expedited Trucking for 11 years and have learned a lot about JAS and the expediting industry and I have 4 years of customer service experience. My main job at JAS is to make sure drivers are happy as they are the most important part of this company. The way I do this is by doing my job to the best of my ability. As the Office Manager I’m responsible for keeping the office running on the normal day to day tasks, making sure computers are working properly, and everyone is doing their jobs. I work in the accounting department, I reconcile the loads and make sure we are paid correctly. After reconciling loads, driver settlement is done and reconciled, making sure that the drivers are being charged and paid the correct amounts. Emails are sent to drivers on Tuesday, so you will have time to go over them and call me with any questions. Nikki and I work side by side. She does all the load entry and fuel so it’s there for me to reconcile. Without her doing this I couldn’t do my job. When she isn’t here I take this over, so the company can keep running smoothly. My job is to maintain all bank accounts and bills for the company. Making sure truck payments, truck repairs, parts orders, and all bills are paid so the company and drivers can keep running. I also do the office payroll, work with our CPA making sure our books are balanced, year-end and processing and distributing w-2 and 1099’s. Janie and I work together making sure all new drivers are entered into our system correctly, also updating pay and/or personal information. Janie assists with parts of my job when I am gone, so I try to keep her up on how I do things. Brad and I work together making sure supplies/parts are ordered in a timely manner. We work on a PO system, Brad gets a PO # from me before placing orders. He enters the PO’s, then I enter in invoices, and he completes the work orders. Brian and I work together on lots of things. Keeping each other informed on what is going on with drivers and trucks. Also, when drivers take advances or are given bonuses. We at JAS work as a team so I am never afraid to help in the shop, mop floors, take out the trash, or help anywhere I might be needed.