General Manager / Owner

General Manager / Owner

Tony Freeland

Office: (810) 660-8210
Cell: (810) 656-2120

First off let me introduce myself, I am Tony Freeland, General Manager and Owner here at JAS Expedited Trucking LLC. When I started JAS it was just 1 driver (me) and 1 straight truck. I have 29 years in the expediting field, not only as an owner but also as a driver to. I first started my trucking career in the US Army in 1983. I got out of the Army in Jan. of 1990 at which time I started into Expediting. My first Job was with an owner signed on with Roberts Express (now known as FedEx Custom Critical). At the time I went to work for this owner there was no such thing as drivers orientation, my orientation was Bob my owner tossing me the keys to the truck and some paperwork and telling me to go make him some money. I didn’t know anything at all about expediting, but I took off and learned through my mistakes as I went. It took a little while and I found I had a knack for this type of trucking and excelled at it..

I drove for other owners up until 2003 when I purchased my first truck. I feel that learning from the school of hard knocks and with my business ethics I can take what I have learned and share it with others who wish to learn this type of trucking. I purchased several more trucks over the last 15 years, and JAS now has 31 trucks and will continue to grow as needed.

One of the main reasons we have been able to grow as we have is due to the hard work and dedication from people just like you, so welcome aboard, good luck and I’m looking forward to have a long and prosperous relationship with each of you. One of our goals here at JAS is never to put a driver into the situation I was put into when I first started expediting..